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Your Staff Shouldn't Be Tied Up On The Phones With Commonly Asked Questions
Do you often find yourself repeating the same things on phone calls with customers? We’ve been there. It’s hard to be tied up with a constantly ringing phone while other pressing matters need your attention.
Never Lose Another Customer With Call Overflow Solutions
Struggling to keep up with inbound calls? These 5 call overflow solutions will support your staff and prepare your business for unexpected rises in calls.
5 Virtual Salon Receptionist Solutions You Never Knew You Needed
Are you losing clients because you can’t pick up the phone? These five virtual salon receptionist solutions will help you serve more clients.
Automotive Dealerships Maximize Sales With an AI Call Handling Service
Unanswered calls and text messages mean missed leads for car dealerships or automotive repair shops—and lost business. With Numa, you can achieve a 100% response rate.
How to Enable Text to Landline for Your Business Phone
Enabling two-way text messaging isn’t a “nice to have” business feature anymore. Customers expect and prefer to text your business over the dreaded game of business phone tag.
5 Easy Ways to Get More 5 Star Reviews
While it may seem hard to get 5 star reviews, it doesn’t always have to be! After working closely with small businesses owners for years and building our software around enhancing customer service, we’ve gathered some quick and easy tips to earn stars in your sleep!