Do You Sell Gift Cards? Streamline Sales with Numa

How often have you been in the middle of serving a customer or performing a critical task when someone calls to ask, “Do you sell gift cards? Can I buy a gift card?” You have to stop what you’re doing (or call them back and hope you reach them) to tell them where to go on your website or what the options are when they come to your business in person.

In every business, there are questions customers constantly ask over the phone, in person, and online. The answers never change, and neither does the time it takes employees to respond. But while these repetitive interactions are tedious, they’re also important. When someone calls your business, you may only have a narrow window of opportunity to serve them.

That’s where Numa comes in. We answer your customer’s most repetitive questions—including questions about gift cards—so you don’t have to.

Whatever it looks like to sell gift cards at your business, Numa can take these interactions off your plate. Any time you can’t (or don’t want to) answer the phone, Numa answers instead. Numa gives callers the option to either leave a voicemail or start a text conversation, and we’ve found that up to 80 percent of callers choose texting. Using artificial intelligence, Numa understands what each customer is asking and then provides the service they need.

Here’s what that looks like for questions about gift cards.

Point customers to your website

If your website is set up to facilitate gift card orders, all you need to do when someone calls about gift cards is point them to the right place on your website. But that can be tricky over the phone. 

Do you tell them to use your website’s search bar? Do you explain where to find it in the navigation bar? Or do you just tell them the URL? With all three of those options, you have to hope the caller is following along, taking notes, or going through the process while you explain it.

But here’s what happens if you have an online ordering system and someone asks Numa about gift cards:

Numa sends your customers a link right to where they need to go. So with a tap, they can start their order. There’s less room for confusion for your customers, and your employees don’t have to lift a finger.

Explain the process once

If you’re not set up to facilitate online gift card orders, you have to explain how the process works every time a customer calls. “Yes, we sell them. Come on in, and you can get one at the front desk.”

With Numa, you just have to explain where customers need to go and what you’d like customers to do once, and Numa handles the rest. You can decide in advance that this is a question you’d like Numa to answer, or you can wait until it comes up, then tell Numa how to reply. 

Any time a customer asks a question Numa isn’t sure how to answer, it’ll notify you in the app. You can text the customer back with any device that has the app (desktop or mobile), and then Numa asks to save your response. If you want Numa to take over those questions in the future, it’ll reuse your previous answer.

Automatically answer in your voice

One of the biggest concerns business owners have with phone answering services is voice. Does it sound like you? Will customers think we’ve outsourced customer service? Will it still feel like our brand? Will people be upset if we make them talk to a robot?

Virtual receptionists follow a script, and when customers ask questions they can’t answer, they punt calls back to you. And consumers hate talking out loud to robots so much that most people have hung up as soon as they reached an auto attendant. Numa is different.

Conversations with Numa are completely text-based, so your customers receive instant service without even noticing that they aren’t conversing with a real employee. More importantly, Numa always answers the same way you would answer. It learns from your responses and reuses them appropriately, emojis and all.

Numa is constantly getting better at saving you time and serving your customers. So whether they have questions about gift cards or need to know anything else about your products, services, or business, Numa has your back.

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