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Your Service Makes Homeowners’ Lives Easier. Your Phone Can Too.
You’ve worked hard to build a reputation for reliable, quality work, but many small business owners still run into the same problem: your brain isn’t telepathically hardwired to the internet.
A Lesson in Business Text Messaging Etiquette: 11 SMS Rules to Live By
Today, consumers expect to be able to text your business. But before venturing into uncharted business SMS territory, you need to know some basic etiquette.
How to Choose Receptionist Software for Your Business
Whether you’re trying to avoid hiring a front desk receptionist or you already have a whole team of them, receptionist software streamlines customer interactions and saves time for your staff.
AI-Powered Smart Business Phone vs. Traditional Business Lines
f you’ve been on the market for a virtual business phone, odds are you need a more convenient way to communicate with your customers. We’ve been there.
What Is Call Diversion? How to Redirect Your Incoming Calls
Staffing your small business to catch every incoming call is unrealistic. Instead, set up call diversion.
Curbside Pickup: The Business Owner's Guide
Curbside pickup is a service that lets your customers order online or over the phone, drive to your business, and receive their order without getting out of their vehicle. Here's how it works.