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What Is a Virtual Receptionist, and Do You Need One?
A virtual receptionist is a type of phone answering service where a real person answers the phone on behalf of your business but doesn’t take up actual space in your building. They work remotely for an agency that specializes in over-the-phone receptionist services.
Do You Need a Front Desk Receptionist?
In many ways, a front desk receptionist is the face of your business. Here's how to decide if hiring one is right for your company.
Business Texting: The Beginner’s Guide
Business texting lets you communicate with customers through the most convenient and efficient channel: text messaging. Here's what you need to know about it.
[Infographic] How the Pandemic Is Affecting Main Street Businesses
Due to Covid-19, Main Street businesses have found themselves in an unexpected position. While they may have a prominent physical location, their continued success now largely depends on their ability to serve customers over the phone and online. This infographic pulls together 10 statistics that show how consumer behavior is changing and how Main Street businesses are meeting (or working to meet) these new expectations.
The Future of the Business Phone
As businesses tap into their phones’ potential and tech trends continue, here’s what you can expect to see in the future of the phone.
How to Enable Text to Landline for Your Business Phone
Enabling two-way text messaging isn’t a “nice to have” business feature anymore. Customers expect and prefer to text your business over the dreaded game of business phone tag.