Receptionist Job Description: Tips and a Template

If your business needs a front desk receptionist, hiring one starts with a job description that attracts qualified candidates. You can find plenty of receptionist job descriptions online, but as much as possible, you want yours to fit your business. Our description template below can be filled in with specific details about your business and the position you need to fill.

Whether you use a template or create a job description from scratch, be sure it outlines the general duties you’ll expect your receptionist to perform, including those specific to your industry or niche. Ideally, it should include any communication tools, software programs, and platforms your receptionist will need to learn how to use.

Since your receptionist will interact with your customers daily, you may also want to suggest the qualities or personalities that will help someone excel in this role. You may also want to describe the job in a way that allows people to “self select” if they’re a good fit (such as emphasizing the importance of communication skills, highlighting how much of the job involves interacting with clients, or specifying any technical expertise they’ll need to develop).

A front desk receptionist is an entry-level position. It doesn’t require experience to perform—but having it obviously helps. If there are specific qualifications that will make someone more likely to succeed or improve your candidate’s overall quality, you can absolutely include them. 

Just keep in mind: the more job requirements you include, the longer it will take to fill the position.

It’s also good to remember that you’re trying to attract qualified candidates. So you should include a section that describes the perks and benefits your company can offer. If you want the best possible receptionists to apply, you need to make the strongest case for your business.

Here’s a sample receptionist job description you can use or modify as needed:

Receptionist job description template

We’re looking for a front desk receptionist with excellent communication skills. When our clients come through the door or call us on the phone, you’ll make them feel welcome and answer any questions they have. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of our business and become familiar with our operations so that you can best serve our clients.


As our receptionist, you will be in charge of our phone system, other communication channels (such as Facebook, email, texting, and our live chat), and you’ll be responsible for a variety of administrative tasks. You’ll be expected to:

  • Greet and assist in-person clients
  • Answer incoming calls and reroute them when necessary
  • Provide new clients with relevant documents
  • Schedule appointments
  • Communicate updates to clients via text, phone calls, or email
  • Respond to chat messages on our website and social media
  • Sign for packages and send and distribute mail
  • Keep office supplies and other products in stock
  • Organize files and client account records
  • Perform other administrative duties as needed

Job requirements

Here are the skills and qualifications you’ll need to be successful in this position:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience with (or the ability to learn) the following apps and programs: Microsoft Word, Calendly, Facebook, and Numa
  • The ability to multitask

Administrative experience or [industry] experience is appreciated.


Starting pay: $15 per hour

Time off: two weeks of paid vacation, ten holidays, seven sick days

Insurance: Health, vision, and dental

We have a welcoming company culture full of people who are trying to become the best versions of themselves. We don’t hesitate to try new things, and we do our best to learn from our mistakes. Throughout the year, we have plenty of optional company-wide events and competitions that help foster friendships and provide opportunities to try new things.

Employees frequently find opportunities for advancement within the company. We hire smart, capable people, and do everything we can to keep them happy with where they work and what they do.

Set your new receptionist up for success

Receptionists spend a lot of time on the phone. Whether they’re making outbound calls to schedule appointments or answering repetitive inbound calls, that’s time they could be spending serving your in-person customers and performing other critical tasks. Not to mention, making outbound calls often involves playing phone tag with customers via voicemail, and it’s not very efficient when you need clients to take an action quickly.

That’s where having the right business texting solution makes a huge difference. Numa uses artificial intelligence to automate repetitive interactions and let your receptionist interact with customers in the channel that’s most convenient: texting. 

Instead of repeatedly calling customers and leaving voicemails, your receptionist can text them with instructions and a link to where they can schedule their appointment, pay their bill, or take another desired action. This streamlines every customer interaction and gives your receptionists more time for other duties—so you can get more mileage out of your new hire.

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