Stylists are Busy. Receptionists are Expensive. Numa is Easy.

Salon owners wear a lot of hats. You’re the ultimate multi-tasker—keeping the books, interviewing stylists, answering phones, booking appointments, handling customer questions, and more. Stylists may even joke that you have a bed under the front desk.

Hah hah. You don’t. maybe you’ve thought about it, but really, it would be so much better if you could just leave work at work and actually get some sleep one of these days. You’ve been thinking about hiring a receptionist, but a single hair salon receptionist costs upwards of $25,000 a year. Business is busy...but that’s too much to pay for a one-person phone answering service.

The stylists are busy too. Every time one of them has to make the trek across the salon to pick up the phone, they’re leaving a client hanging, just staring into the mirror! And the last thing anyone wants to do is abandon a chair to field a call from Yelp. It’s just not sustainable.

Numa is here to lighten the load.

Enter Numa, the Virtual Front Desk

If you or your stylists are occupied, don’t worry—Numa automatically answers the phone for you. It’s like a virtual hair salon receptionist. Callers can book appointments, get answers to common questions, and access all the help they need without any treks across the salon or in-person clientele left to wait.

Better yet, it works with your existing phone system! It doesn’t matter if your phone is wireless, a landline, or even a VoIP system. And there’s no need to buy new stuff or go through complicated setups. We’ll get you going in just 15 minutes, and you’ll never miss a call again.

Once Numa is on the job, your salon gets:

  • An instant 100% response rate. Never miss out on potential business again.
  • Unlimited use for a low, flat monthly fee (cancel any time) that’s easy to fit in a beauty salon budget.
  • Accurate answers. Numa learns about your salon and then helps callers automatically.
  • Simple integration with your landline, staff mobile phones, tablets, and scheduling system!
  • Texting! Clients can ask questions or set up appointments at any time, 24/7, via text message.
  • Transcripts. Numa transcribes all calls so you can read them and follow up when you have time.
  • Access from anywhere. That’s right. No after-hours trips to check messages or make calls.

Numa Is Easy. And It Works.

Numa has helped many salons, spas, and beauty parlors reduce their workload, increase appointments, and streamline the booking process. We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved for these passionate business owners!

With Numa on your side, you’ll free up time while minimizing costs and keeping the regulars happy.  After all, most of a business’ revenue comes from happy returning customers. But even more than that, you’ll be able to grow your salon’s reputation and revenue without hiring a single new employee—until you need more stylists!

If any of that sounds intriguing, sign up and try Numa out for free. Everyone wins when you keep those extra hours in your day (and that bed out from under your desk!).

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