Numa Increases Appointments for Salon & Nail Spa by 15% within 3 Months
Emblush Beaute Salon & Nail Spa

Less interruptions. More appointments.

Emblush Beaute Salon & Nail Spa saw an increase in appointments and happier clients with Numa answering the phone.
Increase in appointments
Emblush clients find it faster and easier to book an appointment with Numa answering.
With Numa, Emblush can always answer customers even when their closed.
Stylists can stay focused on their clients and let the phone ring knowing Numa will handle.
The Challenge

While owner is away from salon, client calls are not getting responses fast enough

Linda Tran is the co-owner of Emblush Beaute, a salon offering an extensive set of beauty services in one convenient location, in August of 2019. 

However, Linda is often out of the salon due to other obligations.

A high level of professionalism is important to her so she did not want her stylists walking away from customers to answer the phone. 

Linda called her phone provider to ask if there was a way she could text customers from her business line using her personal mobile phone.

They said no such service existed. 

Numa's Answer

Numa becomes the 24/7 receptionist for better responsiveness with unmatched convenience

Determined to find a solution, Linda decided to search for herself. She passed on options that used a different phone number for text messaging. She felt it was more professional to have one business line for both calling and texting. Not wanting to sacrifice service quality, she continued her search and ultimately found Numa via Google. 

The low flat monthly rate and no minimum contract period made Numa an easy choice and Linda signed up immediately. She was relieved to see how quickly she could set up Numa since the software works with any existing device or phone number.  

“It’s very doable for businesses like mine."
Numa is easily used on existing devices

She didn’t have to invest in any other hardware and paired Numa with her booking system to streamline appointment operations. Numa brings the high level of convenience, responsiveness, and professionalism that she had been seeking.

Numa “Picks Up” Additional Business

Within weeks Linda could see clearly that many of her clients preferred texting to calling, especially because it meant they could easily communicate outside of business hours. 

“I love it. When there is a missed call, the client knows they can text me or leave a voicemail and I can reply by texting [from the Numa app]."

Even if someone calls and hangs up because her staff is busy, she can see the missed number in Numa and get back to them. She considers Numa a key part of her focus on customer service.  

It’s crucial for Linda to be able to receive these calls because, for a new salon like Emblush Beaute, missing customer calls means missing new business. After using Numa for only a few months, Linda has already seen a 15% lift in appointment volume. Linda is able to provide fast responses to every message and call, at the fraction of the cost of a receptionist. 

“When I get a voicemail, I'm not actually missing that call because Numa transcribes it. I can read it and respond right back via text."
Never miss a call again
See how many customers Numa can save your business
The Results

Numa Is the Perfect Solution Linda Thought Didn’t Exist

A 24/7 Receptionist With a Limited Budget

Linda has found using Numa to be easier than going back and forth with a receptionist. With Numa, there is no one trying to pass along voicemails and messages when she is away from the salon or helping customers. Instead, Linda knows Numa will handle all calls first and provide an instant response, leaving her free to continue the conversation when she is in between tasks.

Linda and her staff love Numa

15% More Appointments 

By making Numa her 24/7 receptionist, Linda has captured business that would have otherwise been missed. Prior to Numa, Linda often found that her clients were unresponsive or had already booked elsewhere by the time she could return their calls. However, with Numa, since each client gets an immediate response, they know their inquiry has been received and are much more likely to make a booking with Linda’s salon. 

“To me the pricing is really good. It pays for itself when the clients book through Numa."

Better Client Service With Convenience for All

It’s important to Linda that when the phone rings, stylists do not walk away from clients. However, Linda also wants it to be as easy as possible for other clients to book or make changes to appointments at their convenience. Linda didn’t want clients having to keep track of a different texting line. Numa is unique in its ability to text-enable her business phone to lift that burden from new and existing clients. 

Never miss a call again
See how many customers Numa can save your business