During lockdown, Numa helps one salon stay afloat
D. Anthony Studio Salon

Contactless safety doesn't mean losing touch

When reopening from Covid-19, D. Anthony Studio Salon turned to Numa to make it easy for customers to check-in for appointments while keeping staff and customers safe.
Covid Check-Ins
D. Anthony helps keep staff and clients safe by using Numa to help customers check-in.
No more personal phone
D. Anthony allows everyone to text through their business line, no more sharing personal phone numbers with clients.
The Challenge

Salon must stay in touch with clients during Covid-19 shutdown, needs a contactless check-in solution upon reopening

A big proponent of new technology, Derek makes use of the latest tools at his business, including streamlined appointment management and a digital phone system. 

Like thousands of salons across the country, when Covid-19 hit in March of 2020 Derek was forced to shut his doors until further notice. 

Numa's Answer

Keeping in touch during lockdown

Derek found himself seeking ways to stay in touch with his clients while physically shut down. Clients still had questions for him or wanted to purchase products, but even the simple task of checking his voicemail messages required going back and forth to the salon. He first heard about Numa on a call with other salon owners who were raving about how Numa’s text-enabled answering system makes it easy to answer customers from anywhere. 

Derek jumped at the opportunity to sign up and integrate Numa with his existing phone system. Numa lets him receive his clients' voice messages directly, and even respond via text. He was immediately thrilled. 

“Instead of leaving a voicemail and then me having to call them back and leave a voicemail, I can now streamline it, giving them instructions via Numa.” 

Numa saves Derek time in addition to bringing in business. Numa reliably answers missed calls, cuts down on phone tag, and even responds automatically to common questions on Derek’s behalf, such as questions about the status of the salon during the shutdown or how to order and pick up products.  

For those clients who expressed interest in the salon’s reopening status, Derek used Numa’s broadcast feature to gather a list of clients who wanted to receive ongoing reopening announcements. Many clients signed up and have appreciated the updates.

More recently, Derek finds himself turning to Numa as an alternative to email too. As Derek explains, "Gone are the days where you can respond to an email within 48 hours. With Numa, it’s easy to respond right away.”  

“I can tell it’s streamlined communication for my clients too. They’ll say ‘wow, thank you for such a quick response.’”

Numa helps Derek get back to callers who want to book services or purchase products ASAP, giving those clients the same high quality service they are used to receiving when visiting his salon. 


Added Benefit: Contactless check-in for reopening 

In preparing to reopen after lockdown, Derek quickly realized that Numa’s call answering and texting capabilities could play a key part in adhering to safety guidelines and keeping coordination simple for his staff.

Now, when a client arrives, they are instructed to simply text “here” to the salon’s phone number from the comfort of their car. Numa welcomes the client and sends them an automated message with further instructions about their appointment. Meanwhile, the front desk sees a message that the client has arrived without needing to interrupt other clients or tying up a phone line. 

The client can then remain in their car and away from others until the front desk sends another message through Numa letting them know it’s time to enter the salon. 

An added benefit for Derek has been that Numa’s call answering and text messaging doesn’t just keep contactless check-ins running smoothly, but also prevents other interruptions for his front desk.  The front desk staff no longer has to worry about running to the phone if they are working on other tasks.  

Numa has upgraded Derek’s already-successful salon business in ways he never thought possible. 

"I have been literally blown away by its technology.”

Never miss a call again
See how many customers Numa can save your business
The Results

Results: Keeping clients safe and happy while streamlining operations

Derek is saving time with Numa. Communication and coordination that previously took hours now takes seconds. Derek is also capturing business he would have otherwise missed while away from the salon during the pandemic. 

“The amount of time I've saved by not having to run to the salon to answer calls is huge. I felt weird calling people back from my personal cell phone. It felt unprofessional. And then if they called me back I forgot I gave them my cell phone number.”

“Once we are back in business we'll definitely be getting more customers and saving more money with Numa. The value of having the front desk more free by serving the clients in the salon is great.”

As he looks forward to business resuming, Derek is excited to know that his clients will continue getting immediate, automatic replies to their calls and texts, all facilitated by Numa. He is comforted that his clients will know that someone will be in touch with them, and won’t have to wonder if they will be getting a call back. Derek concludes,

“I would say Numa is priceless.”

Never miss a call again
See how many customers Numa can save your business