Your Service Makes Homeowners’ Lives Easier. Your Phone Can Too.

Customers count on your business for responsive and timely service in their homes. Clogged pipes, short circuits, and HVAC failures can’t always wait. Even if it’s urgent, customer schedules are often just as tight as yours—they’ll want prompt notification about any potential delays or scheduling issues.

You’ve worked hard to build a reputation for reliable, quality work, but many small business owners still run into the same problem: your brain isn’t telepathically hardwired to the internet.

Okay, that might be a little too dystopian. But it would certainly be easier to keep on top of communications amid your travel schedule and hands-on work if you could respond automatically, instantaneously, no matter where you are.

Your Phone Can Do That.

We’re not just talking about Gmail on your smartphone. What if your business phone was a complete specialty answering service, all on its own? What if it could actually answer the calls, assist customers in scheduling appointments, and text back whenever customers message you for updates? It’s always been a struggle figuring out how to schedule appointments and field calls around the clock.

Numa handles all of these things—and more.

The reality is that it’s not always possible for busy technicians or property managers to watch the phone and check voicemails constantly. We built Numa to serve as your automatic, virtual, user-friendly, 24/7 assistant. No more business falls through the cracks, and customers stay happy.

Never Miss Out on Time-Sensitive Business Like This...

Let’s say someone calls late on a Saturday night about their dead boiler in 5-degree weather. You might miss the voicemail message until Monday morning. By then, you can be sure that that person has already called around until they found an emergency technician somewhere else.

When bandwidth and personnel are tight, even the best plumbing, electrical, maintenance, or HVAC answering service can’t handle every single call at any hour of day or night. Many such services will simply forward the message to the owner in an email, leave it in a voicemail, or try to reach an on-call employee. If you’re busy or inaccessible, the call goes unserviced, the appointment unscheduled, until you’re back. That might be too late, and every lost appointment is lost revenue.

Numa is Different.

No matter how the customer reaches out to your business—phone, text, web, or social media—they’ll always get an immediate response. When you can’t answer, Numa does.  It smoothly integrates with all of your communication channels and integrates with your existing appointment scheduling software, so customers can talk to Numa to book appointments (e.g. with a link to an online scheduling site) or make emergency changes. Numa learns about your business, too, so it can give customers the answers they need to common questions (perhaps about your services, hours, schedule openings, pricing, or other frequent concerns).

That late-night caller with the bad boiler would be able to book an appointment while on a phone call with Numa. All relevant employees could then receive an automated alert right on their cell phones, access a transcript of the call, and have all the information they need with no delay. This drastically improves your ability to respond quickly and accurately—and win more business.

Customer Satisfaction Grows Your Business.

Excellent on-site service is great. Streamlined scheduling and responsive communication are even better. Numa will help you maximize your bandwidth and keep customers fully satisfied with your service, end-to-end.

Forbes reported a collection of statistics that show exactly how much of an impact strong customer service can have, including these:

  • 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors.
  • Customers switching companies due to poor service costs U.S. companies a total of $1.6 trillion.
  • 81% of companies view customer experience as a competitive differentiator.
  • Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their peers.

Try Numa for free, and you’ll see how quickly our simple, rapid onboarding  (just give us 15 minutes) can get your virtual appointment answering service started—with no special equipment required. Numa is truly an out-of-the-box solution to all of the most pressing communication needs of home service businesses.

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