Stop Losing Service Calls—Numa Can Juggle Them on a Unicycle (We Think)

We’ll admit, we haven’t exactly tried the unicycle thing yet (but it’s on our to-do list). Even so, we mean it when we say that Numa never drops the ball—no matter how many service calls are coming in.

If your home service business receives more than five calls a day, Numa will help you become more responsive in less time and achieve a 100% response rate.  All tied up in a plumbing appointment? Deep in someone’s attic working on the AC unit? Got another caller already on the phone? On the road? No problem.  Numa handles calls when you can’t, answering questions, directing homeowners to your quotes or appointment booking site, or offering to switch over to a text conversation.

Every unanswered call that you rescue from the abyss is more potential business. But the best part is that you can stop losing calls without even picking up the phone.

Okay, I’m listening. What exactly is Numa?

Numa is an automated, virtual answering service that helps your business get more from its existing phone lines and infrastructure. And it’s AI-enhanced. Callers don’t just get a recorded message and a clunky number pad menu tree. Numa listens to callers and responds to them based upon their needs, just like a virtual receptionist. Your newly automated phone system will take care of a wide variety of essential tasks without human intervention. Numa can:

  • Help Customers Engage Their Way: When Numa picks up a call, it will give the customer several options, such as asking whether they’d like to book an appointment, leave a voicemail (which Numa transcribes and records) or switch over to a text conversation with your company.
  • Book Appointments: Our virtual answering service smoothly redirects customers to the online appointment booking portal you already use. Have Numa facilitate appointment or quotes by providing callers with a link to a pre-existing scheduling website.
  • Answer Common Questions: Numa can actually interpret customer questions through text messages and offer accurate responses to common concerns. Numa answers FAQs about your business hours, rates, services, appointment booking process, up-to-date availability, COVID-19 policies, and more.
  • Screen for Quality Leads: Whether potential leads are reaching out through phone calls, text, Google Business, Facebook messages, or web chats, everything can go through Numa. Hot leads get the immediate response they need, and you can stay focused on the job at hand.
  • Escalate Priority Conversations: Numa can flag and notify you about time-sensitive matters that need to be resolved first. Even if it’s after business hours or through an emergency hotline, Numa can alert on-call team members about high-priority after hours voicemail messages, texts, and calls. You can even access a transcript of Numa’s voicemails and texts with the customer to get the info you need to take action immediately.
  • Share Images and Documents: If you need to exchange RFQ documents, contracts, on-site photographs, or other files with your customer, Numa can handle this through simple business text messages.
  • Streamline Follow-Ups: Since Numa provides recordings/transcripts of messages and text conversations in the Numa app, it’s easy for your relevant team members to access the info from anywhere and follow up as necessary.

You don’t need to buy new, specialized equipment or additional phone lines to get Numa going with all of these capabilities, either. Skip out on expensive, complicated multi-line phone systems small business owners don’t want to pay for. Our AI-enhanced virtual answering service works with the devices and phone numbers you’ve got—even your business’s existing landline or 1-800 number.

No More Busy Signals, Holds, or Missed Service Calls

The best part of a specialized automated phone answering system for small business needs is the 24/7 responsiveness. It doesn’t matter if it’s after hours, the weekend, or your day off—Numa picks up every call and responds immediately to every text message so your customers can get the help they need, right when they need it. You’ll have full visibility and control all along, with the ability to view and respond to conversations right from the Numa app on any device.

Like Dustin at MW8 apartments says, “It's like a huge upgrade for us; it's fundamentally better, and we can respond in off-hours and they know we're here listening.” So stop losing service calls, save time, and expand your bandwidth. You can learn more about how Numa works here, or sign up and test it out for free!

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