How Numa Gives Your Receptionists More Time To Focus On Guests

We know a lot of receptionists that wish they had a few clones. It’s tough to split attention between customers standing at the front desk and a continuously ringing phone system. Whichever one you handle first, somebody is left in limbo, waiting for service. You can’t ignore the guest in front of you, so this often means the caller is left ringing, sent to voicemail, or put on hold.

The same issue crops up when the phone lines are busy. You might have three or four callers on the line, but only one receptionist available to handle them. Research has shown that busy signals are among the top pain points faced by customers on inbound phone calls.

Even if your receptionist can answer the caller, it can take additional time to find the right person to route them to—further delaying the caller’s needs and commanding the receptionist’s attention. But if the end-point person is out of the office, what then? And what happens if there’s a call while your receptionist is out to lunch, taking a restroom break, or on vacation?

Responsiveness matters to today’s consumers. According to Forrester, 73% of customers say it’s extremely important that customer service values their time, and 53% will give up if they can’t find a quick answer. Your receptionist would love to be everywhere all the time and make sure every single customer gets immediate service—but they’re only human.

Luckily, Numa isn’t!

You Take Care of the Guests — We’ll Handle the Phone

Numa has your receptionist’s back. With our AI-enhanced virtual receptionist software, your receptionist will be free to handle urgent tasks and keep their attention on guests—not on the phone that’s always ringing in the background.

Here’s are a few ways you can deploy Numa to rescue hours of your receptionist’s time:

  • Answer all incoming calls: If no one else answers after a few rings, Numa will pick up and give the caller options to ask questions, leave a voicemail, or switch to a text conversation with your business.
  • Respond to common questions: FAQs take up a lot of time at the front desk, but they don’t need to. Numa can learn about your business so it can respond to callers in text conversations with accurate, consistent information (hours, events, booking process, or COVID-19 policies, etc.) instantaneously.
  • Book appointments: Our virtual receptionist service works with your existing online booking portal. It directs callers to your booking site with a link and teaches them to book appointments where it’s most convenient.
  • Capture after-hours calls: Your receptionist won’t need to spend every morning going through voicemails and following up about questions and tasks that Numa can take care of itself, 24/7/365.
  • Empower your receptionist: Ringing phones often mean that your receptionist has to drop whatever they’re doing to answer immediately. With Numa, the receptionist can respond to customers once they’ve got a free moment without leaving phones ringing and callers hanging.

Not only will your receptionist have much more time to focus on guests, but you’ll never miss a call or answer just to put them on hold ever again! Numa minimizes outside distractions and interruptions, and it’s simple to get started.

15 Minutes to Start, Hours and Hours to Save

For a low, flat-rate monthly fee, Numa provides unlimited business texting and virtual receptionist service on your existing business phone system—or any devices you like, really. It only takes about 15 minutes of setup time to get Numa up and running on your current business phone system or 1-800 number.

If you use iPads, tablets, or computers at the front desk, the Numa virtual receptionist app works with those, too. Want to check in on correspondences on a day off? You can have full visibility from your personal phone—and the ability to respond to customers right through the Numa app, wherever and whenever you want.

Read more about how Numa can rescue your reception desk’s time right here, or sign up to give our virtual receptionist service a try for free. We’re confident that it won’t take long for you to see firsthand what a difference Numa can make!

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