Tacoma CDJR elevates employee performance and boosts CSI with Numa

A centralized view of all customer conversations coupled with real-time DMS insights within Numa empowers Tacoma CDJR's service team to deliver fast, effective, and personalized service and boost CSI by 20 points within months.

Eric Frost, an automotive industry veteran of 27 years, currently serves as the Service Director at Tacoma CDJR. He has been with the dealership since it opened in 2009 and with the Stellantis group for 18 years.

Responsible for overseeing a dedicated team of 57 employees, Eric's mission is to elevate his team’s performance and job satisfaction by equipping them with the essential tools they need to succeed.

The Challenge: The need for a modern communication platform

One of the biggest challenge Tacoma CDJR team faced was the the lack of real-time DMS information when communicating with customers — it inhibited their ability to deliver fast, efficient, and effective service. The latency in DMS activity in the texting tools the team was using before Numa frustrated employees, and as a result, impacted the overall customer experience and satisfaction. 

Driven by his commitment to empower his team and improve customer experience, Eric started looking for a modern texting and communication platform that would display real-time DMS activity when his service team was engaging with customers. 

The moment Eric saw Numa's ability to seamlessly integrate customer communication across voice, text, and chat with real-time DMS data, he was instantly convinced of its value. What solidified his conviction was how incredibly easy the platform was to use and how quickly the team adopted Numa with minimal training.

“Numa was universally well received. The simplicity of the product and  the overwhelming improvement over what we were able to do, picked up a much higher early adopter rate than anything else I've done in a long time.”

Numa was adopted by all employees at Tacoma CDJR within just 24 hours of deploying the platform, achieving an impressive 100% adoption rate.

The Ultimate Game-Changer — Centralized View of All Customer Conversations +  Real-Time DMS Insights

The ability to instantly tap into real-time DMS data when communicating with customers across multiple channels is key for delivering top-notch service. Anything less jeopardizes service quality and impacts the all-important Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Eric underlines the significance of Numa's seamless integration with various Dealer Management Systems (DMS), stating,

"Numa’s ability to integrate with a DMS in real-time was a compelling factor. To my knowledge, no other tool has achieved this level of effective integration, bridging customer communication and DMS activity without any noticeable delay or omission of essential data. What sets this apart is that any action I take in one area is mirrored instantaneously in the other. This level of synchronicity is exceptionally unique, particularly within the realm of texting solutions."

With Numa, Tacoma CDJR's service team can view customers conversations and real-time DMS activity in singular interface, enabling them to deliver fast, effective, and personalized support to every customer. 

Tacoma CDJR saw a 20-point improvement in CSI and an average response time of 15 mins (compared to industry average of 22 hours) since implementing Numa. 

Centralize All Communication on Dealership Phones, Not Personal Cell Phones

Before implementing Numa, the service team at Tacoma CDJR had to use their personal phone numbers to text with customers, which they were unhappy doing – unlike their counterparts in the sales department, the service team preferred maintaining their privacy after work hours. The other challenge with using personal cell phones when communicating with customers is the inability for managers to track hours worked or audit conversations to improve performance. And when an advisor is on vacation or out sick, customers would need to wait days for a response!

Numa offers the privacy and anonymity that managers and advisors desire. During work hours, they can efficiently respond and engage with customers using Numa's web application. When they're on the move, Numa's mobile app provides a convenient option for customer interactions.

Eric emphasizes the significance of employees embracing this new tool, saying,

"There's nothing more rewarding as a manager than when your employees express their genuine love for a new tool. Achieving high adoption rates is a game-changer. I can't recall any recent initiative that has seen the kind of enthusiastic adoption I witnessed with Numa.”

Numa Adapts to Every Managerial Approach

Numa's powerful and all-encompassing platform caters to the needs of managers, across a wide spectrum of managerial styles. Eric affirms,

"No matter your personality type or preferred management approach, Numa offers invaluable support. Whether you lean towards data-driven management, prefer hands-on follow-ups to ensure expectations are met, or empower your employees through autonomy and the opportunity to excel with constructive feedback – Numa seamlessly aligns with your unique style."

Numa: The Core of Tacoma CDJR's Operations

Numa's exceptional capability to seamlessly unify customer conversations and DMS activities into a single platform, coupled with its provision of employee anonymity during customer interactions, and its effortless user experience, has established it as an indispensable platform within Tacoma CDJR's technology infrastructure. Since implementing Numa, the team saw: 

  • 20-point increase in CSI
  • 15-minute average response time (compared to the industry average of 22 hours)
  • 12% increase in appointments booked
  • 71% of missed calls captured 

“Numa is an integral part of how we communicate with a customer, spanning from the moment we write up a car and schedule appointments to post-service follow-ups. It touches a lot of steps in the service process,” states Eric, “pulling it out would be like taking the transmission out of a car.”

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We struggled with CSI before Numa, now we have hit the CSI mark 7 out of the past 8 months.

Jeff Clear

Service Manager

We hired a BDC backup to respond to Numa Sales Inbox, she's selling average 15 cars a month by just responding to the conversations in Numa Sales Inbox.

Arisha Walker

Sales Consultant

Numa is an integral part of how we communicate with a customer... Tearing it out would be like tearing the transmission out of a car.

Eric Frost

Service Director

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