We’ll Sweep Up the Mess: Salon Texting With Numa

There are only so many hours in the day. Between clients, calls, cleanup, and managing the business, plenty of salon owners have their hands full. And every time you’ve got to walk over to the phone, there’s a good chance you’ve got to walk away from a client in a chair. Either way, somebody has to wait.

Some salon owners and stylists try to make up for the lost time by sharing personal phone numbers with clients and getting in touch outside of work hours, which is never ideal. But even if you go that extra mile, it’s not easy to keep up with all of the possible contact channels in separate locations. Clients might reach out on:

  • The salon’s Facebook page
  • Your website or business email address
  • The store’s landline
  • Your personal phone
  • In-person at the front desk
  • Voicemails that come in after-hours

What a tangle! It’s no wonder that so many salons miss a few calls and messages every day. Unfortunately, lost calls often mean lost appointments. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Numa would love to chip in by sweeping up some of the mess—and we don’t mean hair clippings.

Try a Salon Text App For Business Owners Who Need a Break

Business texting completely changes the game. As one of our customers at Numa tells us, “It’s 2020 and our customers want to text. We love giving them the option.”  The ability to shoot your business a quick text streamlines salon appointment scheduling, makes it easier to answer questions, and overall...cleans up the mess of all those crisscrossed channels.

Research shows that 89% of consumers actually want to use text messages to communicate with businesses (including getting info, replying to the business, and engaging in conversations). In fact, 78% of clients would prefer to text over call your salon. But so far, only 48% of businesses are equipped to connect with their clientele through text messaging.

In other words, a salon text messaging app is a competitive advantage. But it’s also a major convenience for both you and your clients!

  • With business texting set up, nobody has to be on the phone during work or family time.
  • No need to leave chairs unattended to get the phone.
  • Many customers will ditch phone calls altogether, which frees up time at your front desk.
  • No more handing out personal contact info—your text app for business communications keeps salon stuff separate from home.

Numa can offer your salon all of these perks, and that’s just the beginning!

Numa Can Be Your Second (or First!) Salon Receptionist

With Numa, you’re getting a virtual front desk receptionist, automated link to your pre-existing online booking site, and AI-enhanced salon SMS app, all in one. Remember that mess of incoming channels above? Numa can handle all of them and route the info you need into the same place—your Numa app. When you get a phone call or text message, you can answer or reply yourself, or let Numa answer for you.

Here are just a couple of the things our salon clients love most about Numa:

Easy to use.

Numa works with what you’ve got and can be set up quickly. Use your salon’s existing landline number, business tablets, computers, your personal cell phone...you name it. And everything is accessible via the app, all the time, anywhere, through any device.

Unlimited messages, one flat monthly fee.

We don’t charge hidden or per-message fees. Numa is like getting a whole AI-enhanced customer service team along with your texting platform for one low monthly price.

Bring it all together.

Your whole staff can access Numa’s shared inbox, so you can efficiently handle messages across multiple locations or teams. Assign role-based permissions to keep streams from getting crossed. Numa also integrates with website chats and your existing scheduling software so that you can encourage customers to text you and book appointments right from your website.

Contactless check-in.

Numa helps you to coordinate check-ins via text message. For example, clients can just text the salon’s phone number “here”  when they arrive. Numa can respond automatically to welcome them and give more instructions about their appointment while they wait in the car until you’re ready.

Try Numa for free to see for yourself how it keeps things simple. With automated, all-in-one business texting, there’s no more mess. You’ll free up time and keep your focus where you want it—on your clients.

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