Helping Main Street In Challenging Times

Our founders grew up in families who worked in businesses that are the backbone of our economy: running local shops and retailers (that's my grandfather's lumber store), and manufacturing farm equipment (that's Andy on his John Deere). We know first hand the everyday challenges that main street businesses face: sales, hiring, competition, operations. So much to do but never enough time. And, more recently, how to provide great "main street" customer service in a digital age.

Co-Founder's family lumber yard during a recession

We designed Numa to help main street businesses communicate better with their customers.

COVID-19 presents a serious challenge: if customers can't visit our space, how can we stay connected and how does business continue? Across the US, communities are temporarily closing, cancelling appointments, or changing operating rules. We see resilient businesses adapting: restaurants are switching to take-out only, groceries stores are adjusting hours, appointments are being rescheduled, churches are calling for prayer request/concerns in via text. With all of the uncertainty, phones are ringing off the hook and customers want answers!

Because of our experiences growing up and these kinds of businesses and because most of Numa's customers are local main street businesses, we knew that we had to step in and help out. During this challenging time, we have instituted some emergency measures to help our main street customers who have been disproportionately hurt by COVID-19.

Changes we are making to help our business customers during COVID-19

To help businesses address the Covid-19 situation, we are doing the following:

  1. Waiving all fees during this period: effective immediately, we are giving all new sign-ups two free months of service; no credit card required. Existing customers will also receive a free month of service (your invoice this month will be $0). We're in this with you.
  2. Enhancements to Numa in response COVID-19: our team is super focused on creative ways to help businesses handle this situation. Since this outbreak started, we've been working around the clock to launch two new features a) Broadcast List that allows calling customers to sign-up for updates about your business and b) Curbside Pick-up in our order-by-text automation for restaurants.

We are hoping that these efforts will help businesses continue and resume business during this tough time.

How can Numa help on your business phone?

Here's how Numa can help an impacted business:

  • Answer your phone - if you miss calls, are closed, or have staff focused elsewhere
  • Text enable your business - make it easy for customers to text your business; it's faster and easier for nearly everyone
  • Automatically respond - Numa's AI learns the common questions customers ask and automatically responds
  • Broadcast Updates - Numa provides an easy way to send out text message updates to customers who have called your business (if they opt-in)

By using Numa, you can ensure that customers know what's going on with your business even if you're not currently open--and ensure the come rushing back when life returns to normal.

We know this is a tough time for nearly everyone—we hope that your business and your customers might find Numa useful.

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