Automotive Dealerships Maximize Sales With an AI Call Handling Service

There’s trouble brewing in the automotive industry. A recent report from call analytics firm CallSource revealed that more than half (54%) of inbound calls to automotive dealerships are revenue-winning opportunities. In other words, phone calls can have a big impact on your bottom line.

However, out of all those potential revenue-generating calls, 80% end up as lost opportunities. That’s right—the vast majority of inbound sales opportunities for auto dealers and repair shops are being missed.  But why is this happening? And how can you stop it?

Hold Times and Missed Voicemails Are Costly

The Auto Services Industry Report 2019 from Marchex holds some valuable insights. The intelligence firm’s analysis of 8.7 million inbound calls to auto service centers across the U.S. showed that facilities “dropped the ball” on nearly 30% of calls, and 13% resulted in no connection whatsoever. Automotive BDCs are working hard to convert callers into appointments, no doubt, but the evidence shows that they simply aren’t able to do it alone.  Calls dropped during hold times (when lines are busy) and “voicemail abandons” (callers who are unable to reach an agent and opt not to leave a voicemail) were the two main culprits, the study showed.

These lost callers can have an enormous impact on revenue. As head automotive analyst Matt Muilenburg says of the study, “The data shows there is potentially millions of dollars up for grabs in a growing industry by optimizing phone calls.” On average, automotive businesses missed $49,000 of opportunities each year just by not answering phone calls.

But you don’t have to follow the trends in the statistics. There’s a simple solution to inefficient or overwhelmed call handling for automotive dealerships and shops: Numa. Numa makes BDCs better by simultaneously reducing expenses, improving human efficiency, and optimizing the customer experience with a consistent, friendly, and 100% responsive system.

Try Numa, the Virtual Call Handling Service for Automotive

Unanswered calls and text messages mean missed leads for car dealerships or automotive repair shops—and lost business. With Numa, you can achieve a 100% response rate. Capture every call, even during an unexpected rush, a lunch break, or after business hours, and get back to the caller as soon as you’re available. Your business’s responsiveness determines whether callers move on to your competitors, and Numa ensures that potential business never slips through the cracks without anyone picking up the phone.

Our easy-to-use call handling service is loved by service and parts departments in dealerships nationwide. To quote one of our customers, “It's helped us as a team as much as it's helped with our customers… We're not missing phone calls. We're not having to hunt for voicemails.” Instead, automotive businesses are leveraging Numa’s AI-powered, virtual call handling service to impress every customer, no matter how they find you: by phone, text message, or online on your website. So, what do you get with Numa?

  • Smart Setup & Simple Interface: Numa works on the equipment you’ve already got (phone lines, computers, tablets, mobile devices) and the intuitive interface won’t take any training. Service Managers and Service Advisors love Numa. Our simple setup process takes less than 15 minutes and gets you started with scripts and settings we’ve already seen perform best for automotive businesses. We offer training, but most of our customers tell us that they don’t need it.
  • Efficient 24/7 Responsiveness: Today’s callers value an immediate response, and won’t wait long before reaching out to a competitor. With a virtual assistant phone answering service, you don’t have to worry about BDC backups or after hours voicemails that used to fall through the cracks. Numa responds instantly and always has your back.
  • Improve Customer Responsiveness: Service Advisors love how Numa practically guarantees efficient communication with all active ROs, so your customers get quick responses, images of needed repairs, and report high satisfaction… while your team spends less time waiting for approvals or call-backs.  When a Service Advisor is unavailable, Numa makes it very easy to assign conversations to a different team member so customers never get lost. Numa’s internal communication tools let Service Advisors communicate with technicians or parts departments in the context of the customer conversation.
  • Virtual Call Answering AI: Numa is like an AI-powered, virtual car dealership receptionist. It automatically picks up and handles every call that you can’t, engaging callers with options, answering common questions, directing automotive leads to your website for scheduling or appointments, and even offering to switch the conversation to text.

You don’t have to play phone tag and unintentionally lose business anymore. Numa is the virtual call handling service that works for you. Talk to our team to learn more about how you can set up Numa  in no time to help you serve more customers more efficiently, while driving up CSI.

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