AI-Powered Smart Business Phone vs. Traditional Business Lines

f you’ve been on the market for a virtual business phone, odds are you need a more convenient way to communicate with your customers. We’ve been there.

Handing out your personal phone number just isn’t great. And let’s face it—a lot of customers love to text with businesses these days (89% of customers, in fact), and that isn’t possible with a standard, old-school business landline.

Should I Try a Virtual Business Line?

Many small business owners have faced this dilemma and considered one of the many virtual business phone apps as a solution. Most of them can do a few useful things, like give you a separate business phone number that you can access from a personal device.

However, your virtual phone system should really do much more than keep you from mixing up customer texts with ones from your aunt Jill. It’s possible to acquire a virtual business line that can also:

  • Answer for you, every time
  • Screen your calls
  • Assist customers while you're busy
  • Resolve questions without your help
  • And help run your business

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s Numa!

Add More Than a Business Line

Numa is a full-time business assistant built right into your small business phone. It gives you both a virtual business phone + a smart answering system, all accessible right from your own personal device! We like to think of Numa as the business phone that brings you business. Many small businesses struggle to keep up with call volume, but don’t want to hire a receptionist just to handle their phone line.

The good news is that you don’t have to. With Numa, you can keep business and personal communications totally separate, access everything you need on the go, and let your phone handle business calls whenever you can’t.

The Benefits of a Virtual Business Phone + Call Answering AI

Many services offer a basic virtual business phone line, but the functionality you’re getting is fairly limited unless you invest in multiple phone services or hire a remote receptionist service with per-call fees:

Traditional Business Lines:

  • Separate work + personal phone lines
  • All-in-one virtual phone system (calls/texting/voicemail) for your business

If all you want to do is keep a separate phone number for business and access it from your personal phone, you can do that. Most businesses would benefit heavily from extra features like virtual call answering—so missed calls aren’t missed business—but the costs start to add up when you combine multiple services to handle added functions.

Numa’s Smart Business Phone System:

With Numa, you’ll get everything a traditional virtual business phone can do and a whole lot more. Numa is a business phone + call answering system + 24/7 virtual AI receptionist service that handles it all for your small business:



Traditional Virtual Line 

Unlimited Calling, SMS, MMS

Separate Work & Personal Lines (On The Same Device)

Voicemail Transcription

Automatic Call Answering & Routing

Smart Appointment & Reservation Booking

Instant SMS Replies For Commonly Asked Questions

Shared Inbox For Team Collaboration Across Multiple Business Locations

Enhance Conversations With Review Boosters, Call-to-Actions, & Text Automation

Automatic Curbside Check-In (Virtual Waiting Rooms) 

Integrates with Zoom, Facebook Messenger, & more

Numa keeps your personal and business numbers separate, gives you access to your virtual business phone wherever you go, on any device...and it even answers itself. It’s like an AI-powered virtual receptionist that never takes a day off but helps to take work off of your plate every day. When you combine a virtual business line with a smart call answering AI, you’ll capture every customer, answer caller questions, and book appointments without ever picking up the phone.

Businesses no longer need to settle for a phone line and a voicemail inbox. Numa sets up in less than 10 minutes with options custom-catered to businesses like yours. Beneath the unassuming surface of every work or personal device you’ve got a superphone...Numa!

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No more hold music. No more unanswered voicemails. Make every customer feel like they’re your top priority.

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