We are here to help. During the Covid-19 crisis, we are making Numa freely available to all businesses.

24/7 Salon Receptionist. Try Free for 30 days.

Numa greets and responds to callers while stylists are helping guests, saving time and worry of missing new clients. No billing info required for free trial.

Hi, I’m calling to make an appointment with Lena.
Thanks for calling Salon on Main. We'll help you shortly.
Hi there! Sure thing—you can book online at: bookus.xyz
"We don't know what we would do without Numa."
Learn how one salon answers 30% more calls with Numa.
How Posh KC uses Numa

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Why Salons Love Numa

A 24/7 virtual receptionist

  • Automatically responds to common questions with answers you control
  • Capture business that would have otherwise been missed while out of the salon or styling a guest
  • Please clients who no longer have to wait for a call back and now have the option to text the salon
  • View and respond to messages using the app from anywhere, at any time
I love it. When there is a missed call, the client knows they can text me or leave a voicemail and I can reply by texting
— Emblush Beaute

Time & Money Instantly Saved

  • Saves stylists and front desk staff hours previously spent listening to voicemails and returning calls
  • Makes it easy to text responses to appointment changes or requests to replace phone tag
  • Transcribes voicemails to immediately filter out SPAM and solicitation
  • Works well as a solo receptionist or time-saving assistant at a fraction of the cost
Numa definitely saves us time. Before Numa, we would get a call or message and literally play phone tag for days.
— Iasan & Sebastian Studio Salon
Looking for a cheaper, more reliable way to manage incoming calls?
See how much Numa can save your business.

The easiest way to upgrade salon operations

Works with your existing systems

Numa seamlessly works with any existing phone line, computer, or other hardware, making it user-friendly for managers and agents.

Fast, painless setup

Setting up Numa is simple. No IT team or PhDs required. We'll get your properties up and running in just 15 minutes.

Unlimited calls and texts*

No hidden fees or complicated contracts. Get unlimited usage for one low monthly fee, cancel any time.

"It absolutely pays for itself."

"While styling guests, she no longer felt the need to walk away to answer the phone. Instead, she set up Numa to greet and respond to callers on her behalf. Numa saved Joy the feeling of worry or regret that not answering a call might mean missing possible new business. She was also relieved to have Numa help filter her calls, saving her from solicitors or spam. All Joy had to do was take a quick look at her phone or tablet to see who was calling and what they needed."

The longer you wait, the more clients you are losing

30 day free trial. No credit card required. Go live today.
*Subject to Reasonable Usage, as described in the ToS.