Getting started is easy

Use your existing business phone number

Fast setup, no integrations required

Up in running in ~12 minutes!

No new systems or devices needed

How Numa works

Numa connects to your existing business phone
When you’re busy, Numa answers incoming calls
Callers choose to text or leave a voicemail

"It's like a huge upgrade for us. It's fundamentally better and we can respond in off hours and they know we're here listening."


Phone and Text Answering
Caller greeting
After a preset number of rings, Numa answers incoming calls and gives residents or prospects the option to text you or leave a voicemail.
Move calls to text message
Help residents faster by moving calls to text message. Numa asks callers if they’d prefer to text your office and initiates the conversation.
Text to business phone
Numa enables texting with your business phone, even if it's a landline, allowing you to send and receive text messages from your existing phone number.
Instant  Text Responses
Auto text replies
Numa is set up to automatically
respond to common questions about hours, appointments, rent, maintenance, and more. Customers get accurate answers while you work.
Machine learning
As you respond to resident questions, Numa's AI will learn answers and patterns and prompt you to enable more automatic responses.
Flexible Scripts
Customizable responses
Set answers to common questions to keep Numa consistent with your brand voice.
Real-time updates
Instantly update Numa’s responses at any time for situations such as holidays and weather.
Easy-to-use Shared Online Inbox
Numa app
Numa's desktop and mobile app gives your team one shared inbox to view, prioritize and respond to resident messages.
Text and voicemail alerts
Get notified when residents text or call your business on your desktop and mobile device.
Conversation records
View detailed, real-time text conversations to keep a pulse on the resident and staff communication.
Voicemail transcriptions
Quickly scan messages, filter out spam and prioritize followups on the go.
Team Coordination Tools
Roles and assignments
Assign conversations to team members (maintenance, leasing, finance, etc) so residents connect with the right person. Use roles to give varying levels of access to managers and staff.
Escalation management
Escalate high-priority and time-sensitive conversations so they’re resolved first.
Notes and reminders
Leave notes for team members that residents can not see with details about that specific conversation or prospect.
1 inbox for all your channels
View all your messages from the Numa app
Other great features
Free Website chatbot
Allow prospects to message you directly from your website.
Responses After hours
Set different auto responses for during and after office hours.
Unlimited calls and texts*
Use Numa as much you need — without any hidden fees.
Perfect for managers with 1 or 100 buildings.
Customizable greetings
Create your phone greetings to provide a branded touch.
Numa translates and responds in 100+ languages.
Keep common answers at-hand to quickly reply without retyping.
Multiple users
Give multiple team members access to one shared inbox.
Images & Documents
Send and receive images and documents over text.
On-demand support
Receive instant phone, chat and text support to get more out of Numa.
Looking for a cheaper, more reliable way to manage incoming calls?
See how much Numa can save your building.
*Subject to Reasonable Usage, as described in the ToS.