Try an easy, affordable contactless curbside pickup app. Free for 30 days.

Numa Curbside is a simple, easy-to-use platform that uses SMS and automated answering to make curbside pickup coordination a breeze. Try free for 30 days. No billing information required.

Automated Customer Coordination

Customers either call or text a simple "here" upon arrival and Numa's AI technology takes care of the rest, so that you can stay focused on orders instead of the phone.

Simple Arrival Notifications

No more running to the phone or having to guess which car is for the right order. Get one simple pop-up notification with all the customer and car info you need.

No Hardware. No Commissions. No Contracts.

Use whatever existing computers, tablets, or phones you have. Numa can even text-enable your business phone number. One flat rate with no hidden fees, commissions, or contracts.

Numa Curbside

Turn-key, business-friendly, and ready to use software

Do more with less staff with Numa Curbside's automated service.

  • Use existing devices. No hardware needed!
  • No contracts or commissions. The revenue is yours.
  • Save hours spent on messy coordination and phone tag.

Customer-friendly, contactless pickup via SMS

Customers love to text. Make it just as easy for them to get their orders with Numa Curbside.

  • Automated SMS coordination
  • Easy access for customers - no app needed!
  • Optional menu integration for restaurants
Flat-Rate Plan
No Risk with 30 Days Free. No billing information needed!
Flat-rate when billing begins.
No fees. No contracts. No commissions.
Ready to change curbside pickup from tiresome to seamless? 
See how Numa can make curbside operations easy so you can focus on your business. Try Numa free for 30 days.