Fast-Casual Restaurant Nets Additional $145k by Using Numa to Take Orders
CD's Wings

Busy without the busy signals

Denver-based CDs Hot Wings had multiple phone lines and couldn't keep up with customers. Numa simplified their online ordering while using text to make pickup easy and safe.
Increased ordering
By redirecting phone orders online, Numa makes it easier for customers to place orders.
Labor savings
Numa's automation makes it possible for CDs to refocus staff on other tasks not answering the phone.
Numa makes it easy for CDs Wings to get back to every customer.
The Challenge

Fast growth leads to missed takeout orders and negative online reviews

Founded in 2007 by Ryan Schwarz and her husband Digger, CD’s Wings quickly became a local favorite, twice winning the Denver A List’s “Best Wings in Denver” award. 

This fueled fast growth and they decided to expand into a location triple the size of their current restaurant. With over half of sales from takeout orders and the growing popularity, CD’s Wings wasn’t able to handle the growing volumes with its current staff.  

Even with two phone lines, customers calling in orders often got no response or went straight to voicemail. They became frustrated and started writing negative online reviews. Takeout sales were being missed left and right and the restaurant’s reputation started to suffer.

Numa's Answer

Letting Numa Answer the Phone and Automating Take Orders

Hiring another staff member to answer phone calls would be expensive, but Ryan had to do something to turn things around and offer better service to her takeout customers. 

Numa’s AI-enhanced answering service solved these needs and brought more to the restaurant than she could imagine.  

After an easy-set up on their existing phone line and tablets, Numa was handling calls and able to answer common questions without staff interaction. There was also less room for error with orders being in text versus phone calls with loud background noises.

“We really love the system’s ease of use and ability to reach more customers, and that I don’t have to staff more people.”

Ryan also opted to use Numa’s new text-ordering service, Numa Ordering, which gave customers the ability to order online and automated order processing and payment with no extra work from staff.

The upgraded service turned around the decline in sales and brought CD’s Wings an enormous amount of value. Ryan was able to take high volume orders that would not have been possible with traditional phone lines. She believes Numa is a great solution for any fast casual restaurant. 

"I feel like Numa is really good for Restaurants. You're either paying someone to answer the phone or you're letting Numa help you."

Ryan really appreciates the ability to instantly change her automated voicemail, text responses, and menu items. For Superbowl weekend, Ryan only offered a limited menu, and for pickup only. Rather than telling customers via phone and spending hours explaining, she simply changed her messages on Saturday and then went back to normal after the Super Bowl.

Never miss a call again
See how many customers Numa can save your business
The Results

Major Changes to the Bottom Line

Handle More Orders with Same Staff

With Numa, CD’s Wings could handle growing volumes of takeout orders without any extra hands. 

“Online ordering and text message ordering takes the place of an employee, so I’m not having to pay a third or fourth person to be there to handle these orders,” said Ryan, “It’s just pushing a button and accepting them.” 

$37K+ Estimated Annual Savings

Numa’s automated responses and ability to handle calls and filter messages to staff saved the restaurant tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs. 

 $108K+ Estimated Additional Revenue from Numa Ordering

Adding Numa Ordering to their existing Numa service gave them an online ordering process that can give every customer the ability to order with speed and without frustration. Being able to handle these volumes meant that over one hundred thousand dollars in potential missed revenue had turned into real sales.

Never miss a call again
See how many customers Numa can save your business